Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Multitude Mondays 2.0

I have so enjoyed watching for my moments to be thanful for. No pictures today, but I will try to have some next week in my MM post.

Be blessed, y'all!

11) Seeing D's face when he sees his BFF across the way at the mall (or church or school). Priceless.
12) Sitting across from a friend talking about adoption, and knowing that these days of adoption being "taboo" are so over. What a blessing.
13) Having a sweet brown-eyed 4 year old take my hand out of the blue.
14) Smiles and swimming together as a family
15) Dancing in the kitchen with my love.
16) Pure joy seen in my 4 year old as he plays with strangers at a random playground.
17) Being down TEN POUNDS!!!!
18) Sneaking kisses and looking over to see D beaming at us...he needs us to love each other!
19) Being in the very presence of the one and only Holy God...and the changes it makes in a person {thank you, God, for this experience this week}
20) Counting down the days until I can see my Marmi & Ceec (Mom & Sis, for those of you who don't know my wierd nicknaming complex - more on that later, I suppose) {16, in case you were wondering}
21) Seeing a friend after a long {and I mean l.o.n.g. time without seeing her} - Love you, Kim!
22) Walking to school for the first time this year!
23) The bright sun showering through the window in my kitchen...and the warmth it brings on a chilly morn.
24) Having a church family...doesn't make me miss my family any less, but I sure do love them all!
25) Making lasagna using "teachable moments" and learning patters {he got it!}

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