Monday, March 28, 2011

Multitude Mondays 4.0

39) The anticipation of seeing lots of my family.
40) My sweet D's "sleepy eyes" when he wakes up.
41) Snuggling with a 4 month old for HOURS on end...he's so sweet.
42) Having family at my house...such a rare treat.
43) Seeing D excited to go to his MeMaw & PaPaw's house
44) A random (and free) date night this week with my blue-eyed love.
45) Listening (and crying) during worship...God's presence is so real.
46) Talking to the lawyer about ADOPTION {I should say finally, but instead I'll say "YAY!"}
47) Late night catching up after a long day away from each other.
48) Showing my 5 year old grace when he messes up {just like I've been shown over and over}.
49) Hearing my 2 year old nephew call our dog, Gilbert, funny and cute!
50) Kissing that same 2 year old nephew and hearing him say, "Have Mercy!" cute is THAT?!
51) Having intellectual conversations with my almost-7 year old niece. {How can she really be SEVEN?!?!}
52) Seeing D have the time of his life with his boy cousins {including but not limited to "wrastling" on the air mattress}
53) Having my bestie just "drop in" on her way through town...and getting to snuggle with her 8 month old and 3 year old {who I love like nephews!} - love you, belle!
54) Hearing my Momma's voice on the phone most every day.
55) Sitting next to my Mom one week in church, and my brother the next. I {heart} my family...
56) Hearing someone's story and having it impact your life...{Be careful the weight you put on your children's shoulders...something you say could impact them the REST of their life.}
57) Singing at church...just love our worship department, and the songs we sing to our Father...
58) Advice from my Dad...who knows EVERYTHING about woodworking...on our lovely fence out back.
59) A surprise visit from my other bestie (I have 2) and a random (and sweet) gift - love you, beffie!
60) Seeing children's fear of my sweet pups melt when they see how cool he really is!
61) 2 words - SMOTHERED.CHICKEN. Oh my word, that was amazing.

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