Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Faves {6}

So much to be thankful for. So sad that I don't do this more regularly. I'm linking up with Finding Joy here.

friday favorite things | finding joy

This is Big D on his "Gotcha Day." For those of you who don't speak "Adoptionese," that means it's the anniversary of the day we got him! I blogged about it on his first Gotcha Day. He picks out his own clothes, and he insisted on ruining a perfectly good dress outfit dressing up "just like Da-da" for school. He even tucked his shirt in. #cute.

As many of you saw on FB, my Mister was elected Mayor of our sweet little Village this week. I'm so very proud of him and excited that a dream of his is coming true. He told me when we were dating this would happen...just don't think either of us knew it would be this soon. He'll do amazing. Excited to watch God work through him in this capacity. #lovehim

The sweetest little batch of weeds dandelions. Yea, I know they're weeds, but for a kid who struggles sometimes just to say "I love you," these words speak volumes. Volumes, I tell ya, to this one tired momma. #that'sme

This face. Those blue eyes. She's the reason there is no down time from morning until night. She just is always moving, going, climbing, being, doing, screaming, or mischieving...if that's even a word. And yet, she is always smiling, laughing, giggling, and singing, we must be doing something right. #ihopeso

I'm thankful for outside weather. We've had a few playground weather days, but just not having to wear coats all the time is refreshing. #ilovespring

So many other things to be grateful for. I will keep counting them, for it is a reason to move on, keep on keepin' on. It helps my perspective and helps me see Jesus in my moments, whether they're chaotic or not.