Sunday, March 13, 2011

Show 'N Tell: DIY Magnets

I'm always looking for creative gifts to give people on our little to nothing budget. I found one! Magnets!

Now who doesn't love a good, cute, and functional magnet?

I did copy this off a blog, though I can't quite remember which one {sorry!}. I tried it though I was skeptical, and I am happy!

It was actually kinda fun to make them.

What you need: glass stones (Dollar Tree), Round Magnets (Hobby Lobby), Modge Podge, 1" circle punch

The first 5 I did, I traced them and pasted them on. {Hello, waste of my time...maybe I'll catch you later.} Then I tried to use my 1" punch, which worked wonderfully! It was super quick and easy! Then slap a little MP on there, wait to dry, then glue the magnets to the backs.

What, do you ask, is holding those pretty mags? Gift card tin boxes! I got one at Dollar Tree, and have been combing clearance racks for more. I tried painting them {BAD IDEA}. For now they will hold my magnets.

Total cost:
$1 (30 glass stones)
$4.20 (50 round magnets)
$1 (gift card holder)

If you put 9 mags/tin box, the gift costs a grand total of $2 {give or take a little}. I'm totally doing these for teacher gifts at the end of the year!

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  1. LOVE IT! Saw something similar for Valentine's day with little written messages that come on the candy hearts. :)

  2. Great idea and easy enough for me to try! I'm going to try to make these soon! Thanks for linking up these cutsie magnets to Unwasted Homemaking Party :).

  3. Hey there chick. Say a comment you left on Eye Spy DIY and wanted to check you out. Awesome you over here...wish I'd known about you before! Anyways, new follower!

  4. Yours are super cute! Great color choices!