Monday, March 28, 2011

Show 'N Tell: DIY Container

I just love getting food items in cute & reusable containers.

Enter: this tin with these nasty things. They actually were expired over a year ago, so when I cleaned my pantry out this year, I decided to repurpose this awesome tin!

I'm obsessed with straws. If you know me, you know. I just am. It's wierd, and just...silly. But true. I recently found the plastic straws at my favorite Dollar Tree store, and kinda bought most of them (for when I run out...then I can you know...get some more out!). I needed a container, and this one is PERFECT.

If you know me, you also know I have a sweet love affection with Modge Podge. It's simple, cheap (I buy it @ 40% off at HobLob), and EASY.

My kitchen is Navy blue with white cabs, so I'm going with an Americana theme in there. Enter super cute paper and a few cute ribbons to cover up a mistake:

Seriously, guys. It's fun! You should try it! Total cost of this project: $0 {cuz I already had all the stuff.}


  1. Oh WOW! That looks fantastic! And that's perfect, because I have a bit of an obsession with straws as well, but usually keep them in a pile in a cabinet... which doesn't work out well.

  2. Super cute! Modge Podge is my BFF too! Love repurposed things! Thanks for linking up :).

  3. I found your blog through DWYHomemaking.

    This is a very cute idea!