Monday, October 29, 2012

Ruby is one!

Okay, so actually, she's already 14 months old. So this is {already} 2 months late.

Her party was so fun. I'm just gonna share it with whoever cares out there! :)

Of course, I started pinning ideas for her party from the moment I joined the ever-loving time-sucking idea sight, Pinterest. At the end of the post, I have links to where my ideas all came from.

Mister couldn't BELIEVE we were having a party without balloons...but what can I say? I like to be different. And I wanted her party to be classy & chic. I don't know if we pulled THAT off, but I sure loved the outcome! And a bonus - I was able to use all the decorations for her bedroom, which still was lacking in that area.

I should apologize now for the massive amounts of pictures you will see in this post. But...hey...just know that though there are many here, there are MANY more on my computer. :) I did pick out the best ones for you!

 The cake was made by a dear, dear friend {who also happened to make our wedding cake}. We tried to make candy buttons - FAIL. So we used real ones instead!

One of my favorite things I did was Ruby's name. I do a lot of letters as gifts to people, but usually initials. If it's longer than 4 letters, it sure is big b/c the letters are quite large. But this time, I spray painted them (new to me). I like them, but I think I prefer painting with acrylic. Surprisingly faster, and I prefer the matte look it gives. But the button clusters are awesome, are they not? {PS - I also spent hours spray painting is NOT as easy as it sounds!}

Isn't this display just ca~ute?! I took advantage of the candle thingies and made a 12 month display of her pics. LOVE.

I'm not a big punch person, and I saw this on one of my pins and loved the idea. It was a hit.

You'll have to forgive me for putting THREE pictures of her wreath on here, but they're my new obsession, and this one is the best one I've made yet. Seriously cute stuff. {I'm selling customized ones for Christmas gifts if anyone's interested.}

I found a tank top at a rummage sale and sewed on buttons to it. I made her first tu-tu, which actually wasn't nearly the project I thought it would be. I love that her outfit tied into the button theme.

At first, she was pretty hands off with the cake. But after she got a few good tastes, she dug in....

Ruby LOVES wrapping paper, tissue, etc. We were constantly redirecting her to what was IN the paper. Surely people understood...

One last picture of our birthday girl...she is just such a joy.

Watch for a blog coming soon with how we implemented her bday decorations to make her room look more like...a little girl's room!

As promised, here are the main inspirations:

Tutu - Treasures for Tots {She has a BUNCH of tutorials featured on her blog. Neat stuff.}
Party Theme & Decorations - The Rollins Ruckus, Kara's Party Ideas

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  1. I wish I could of been there it looks like you pulled it off to me (=
    Aunt Lee Lee