Saturday, October 27, 2012

5 Years Ago Today...

5 years ago today, I had quite a day planned. I planned for my whole childhood for this day, but officially had 93 days to execute the details.

5 years ago today, I had all of my favorite people {and then some} in one single room at the same time to witness our words.

5 years ago today, I felt {and kinda looked} like a princess.

5 years ago today, I had so many dreams and wishes and hopes. Some of them have been surpassed; some of them...not so much.

5 years ago today, I had NO idea what I was doing.

5 years ago today, I couldn't WAIT to go on vacation with my sweet man...and then we ended up sleeping most of it away out of pure exhaustion.

5 years ago today, I shared communion with my future {and my niece Kennedy, who insisted on us sharing...oh the memories...}

5 years ago today, this sweet Mister...he already had my heart. So now, he was giving me his last name, and pledging to love me through thick & thin {and boy, have we had both}.

5 years ago today, I kissed the love of my life in front of a LOT of people. {Can I get a whoot, whoot!}

5 years ago today, I got married. {In case you were wondering.} And so to celebrate, I'm looking back on our 5 years. It's been a time, that's for sure.

5 years ago today, I had this...false reality that I was entering into a state of pure bliss. Those of us who are married certainly understand why I am calling it that. It is great. And awful. And sweet. And hard. with your best's the best. Living with your best friend who calls you out on all your...not so greatness...not always the best.

5 years later, I am a better person. I am quieter.

5 years later, I am a little softer around the edges.

5 years later, I care about things that I never really did care about before.

5 years later, I still laugh. He is totally hilarious. Basically all the time.

5 years later, I realize many of my weaknesses, which go hand in hand with my love's strengths.

5 years {and many arguments} later, I realize I'm not always right...and I'm okay with that.

5 years later, I am so thankful for who God gave me.

Dearest Aaron,

We made it to 5 years. Can you believe it? We've had some amazing times. Moments in time that we wouldn't trade for anything, learning new things about each other, and becoming parents...there's something you just can't plan for.

I love you more today than I did yesterday...and yesterday's yesterday. And I certainly love you more than that sweet, special day we said "I do."

I still do, though. I do promise to love you through thick & thin. Through days of sadness, and life's greatest triumphs. Through regular, plain old days where nothing major goes right or wrong, and through days when we struggle to catch our breath through the madness swirling around us. I do. I will.



  1. (= Awe this was sweet happy 5 years! and YOU WERE AND ARE A PRINCESS!!
    love u guys

  2. Hey. Remeber that time that your fiancee went in to get a sweet looking tux and the awesome news that he found me!?!? Fun times!!! Congrats (late) on 5 years my dear.