Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Faves

I'm linking up with the amazing blog (one of my new all time faves), Finding Joy.

friday favorite things | finding joy
She is both inspirational and down to earth, and I find great comfort in her words. She encourages her readers to step back on Fridays, think about our weeks, and realize all the blessings that took place.

And though I am in sort of a funk, looking through my IG shots this week {find me @ JosKeathley}, I truly am blessed. We had some great memories this past week. So...humor me. And I hope you're able to do the same.

Saturday was a B..L...A...S...T! We attended a fall fundraiser for a friends upcoming adoption, and they had a REAL LIFE hot air balloon there! I have never watched one come up from flat, and It.Was.Neat. Truly. I was standing there in awe. Like some sort of kid in a candy store. {There may or may not have been squealing, folks.}

And at said event, I had the chance to spend time with a DEAR dear friend. Hay rides? Yes, please. And you can tell Baby R loves Auntie Kristin, too! We all are blessed to have all 4 Pulliams in our lives...

Not much of a spaghetti maker {or eater} here, but found out that {without a doubt}, Baby R loves "sketti" as much as her big brudder & Daddy. Maybe I should make an effort to get it on the meal plan more often...this picture was was watching her stuff whole mouthfuls of "sketti" in her mouth at once!

I loved getting back to my first love, crafting, this week. Truly makes me happy.

This is our Jack-o-Lantern. We had one {ONE} night together as a family this week, and I literally couldn't have been happier to carve a pumpkin with my loves. Baby R watched in wonder, Big D LOVED getting messy, and we all worked together to get "Mr. Jack" all set up. And Momma "purged" all our candles, so we're using a huge candle in a glass to light it up...but hey - it works! What a fun night with fun memories had with our punkin{s}!

And that picture...Could.Not.Be.Cuter. Oh my goodness. She is so into everything, including bookshelves. Also, she's officially walking as of yesterday. She still only does it about 1/2 the time, but she understands she can do it without our help and loves it!

We are truly blessed!


  1. What fun pictures!!! :) I am hoping we get to carve our pumpkin this weekend! Your babies are precious! Stopping by from Friday Favorite Things, have a blessed day!!

  2. Awesome love the friday faves and all those cute pics(=
    Aunt Lee Lee