Monday, February 21, 2011

Multitude Mondays.1

I was moved by a video today. Really moved. See it here if you'd like.

I am going to look into this book, but for now, I will start something new and fresh on my blog. On Mondays, I will work on counting my way to 1,000 gifts.

1,000 moments that remind me of God's love in my little moments.

It is true that our life is just mere moments. Instead of watching life rush by while being busy, I long to notice the little things. In the meantime, I will pray that my heart will slowly change and become more thankful in general.

Thank you, Better Life Bags, for showing this and encouraging us to jump on the bandwagon.

1) These smiling brown eyes. It's hard to believe they weren't here a year ago.

2) Gil's unwavering affection for his Momma. Knowing that as he takes up half the bed at night simply to lay his head on my feet - is because he loves me.

3) D hearing that Daddy doesn't have to go to work on a particular day (and his excitement).

4) The sun shining through my front window for 10-12 minutes before the 5:00 hour...

5) Hats on my new 4 year old. (He's too cute!)

6) Snuggle time after a rare nap.

7) Watching Monk with my love each night in the quiet of our own home.

8) Being a part of a church family who lets me serve in a capacity I feel called to.

9) Having kindred spirits...the best kind of friends...

10) Getting a family picture taken

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