Saturday, February 26, 2011

Book Thoughts: "20 Things..." (Eldridge)

20 Things Adoptive Parents Need to Succeed, written by Sherrie Eldridge, was a good read for me. I am going to try to read more of her books, as well as subscribe to her blog. I am excited to have this resource as a new adoptive momma and hope to share it with many of my friends.

As an adoptee herself, Sherrie reaches out to adoptive parents in this book, explaining many mysteries of adoption and the emotions our children may/may not have. It was interesting on many levels, explaining many things I struggle with even now, in the early stages of foster/adoption of lil' D.

I identified with many of her thoughts, as an adopted person. Some were even "aha" type moments where I realized links to adoption in my emotional life (even things I to this day struggle with).

One of the neat things about the book are the Support Group questions at the end of each chapter. How neat would it be to go through this book with a group of adoptive would open up a new world of understanding for our children.

Anywho - thumbs many as I can muster. Good stuff...

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