Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Gotta Secret

Okay, so I don't promise that I'm a good housewife.

In fact, more days than not, I have more things on my "to do" list than one can possibly get done in a single day. Therefore, I'm always behind on my cleaning chores, and usually only have a really clean house when my Momma comes to visit. :-/ (And that is mostly due to feeling inferior to her massive amount of being a good and perfect housewife and Momma. I wanna be like her when I grow up.) Here is a picture of her (in case you aren't privileged enough to call her Marmi).

{That's her with Grandpa Vic, one of the silliest men I've ever known who always wears overalls.}

Back to the secret. I was on a blog today that I love. It's inspiring and always gives good tips for a clean home. Little things that one can do to make it quicker, easier, more doable, and sometimes even "green." I'm not terribly gung ho about being green (I still use Windex for now), but I do care about the environment. And there are little things I can do, so I try.

Anyway, I digress.

On the blog, she asked her readers about their favorite cleaning tips. I shared mine, and thought, "I wonder if my bloggy friends know this one?" Maybe my head has just been under a rock or something, but ever since my favorite cleaner {Marmi, see picture above} told me about this, I have been gung ho about it!

To clean windows and mirrors streakless, there are all kinds of ideas out there. But none has worked as well for me as NEWSPAPER. I'm telling you. There are no streaks, and your windows and mirrors will shine like nothing else. Just crumple it up, and wipe Windex dry.

You will be amazed.

Now, even though it's not on my to do list, I think I will go clean my windows and mirrors. And think nice thoughts about my favorite cleaner. And try to rectify the very fact that though I usually talk to her daily, I haven't spoken to her for over 5 days {due to busy-ness}. Now that is ridiculous and inexcusable.


Please note the following things:
  • I am not an expert. Period.
  • The newspaper does get grayish blackey print on your hands after this job (but it maybe be because I'm a Sweaty Betty. It does wash off with soap and water. :-)
  • When your windows are newly cleaned and fresh....you notice how filthy the rest of your house is (and will probably want to do something about it). {To which my hubs replies, "hallelujah!"}

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