Sunday, June 16, 2013


Father's Day...a day to reflect and give extra love to the Daddys in our life.

This guy.

The kidlets both adore him. I's just beyond anything I've seen before. And it's well deserved. I'd rather them be influenced by his temperament and personality than mine. :)

He laughs with them, he tickles. He sings and is so very silly sometimes. He walks with them, and most everything he does, he tries to do WITH them, which is so fun to watch. Big D things he's "the stuff" when Daddy lets him help out. Baby R literally squeals when she sees him. It's precious.

So, Mr Mayor - thanks for being the best Daddy for our kidlets. Thanks for loving them more than humanly possible. Thanks for the sacrifices that you give...constantly. Your influence is great. And the little things you do matter in a really big way. :)

This guy.


He's got four strong-willed, independent, smart {and sassy} grown adults for kids. We all picked fantastic spouses {if I do say so myself}, and so far, we've given him 13 wild & zany grandchildren {and growing}.

He's always been full of wisdom, but as an adult, I see it more and rely on it at times. I am thankful he's only a phone call away. And I'm thankful that he's not just my dad, but my friend.

Daddy - thanks for all the laughs, corny jokes, and silliness. I literally would not have remembered things if it had not been for you being goofy and coming up with rhymes for it.

Below are some of his favorite words from the Word {Lamentations 3}. And I often, as I miss him, will look on these words and just soak them in. Because aren't they beautiful? And so true. And so refreshing. I'm thankful for a Daddy who lived this out in front of us. I don't know what life would have looked like without you...but I'm thankful to be yours. {I love you, Daddy-o!}


This guy.

Those fierce blue eyes love me deeply, this I am sure. I am thankful for quiet moments on the porch, loud moments in the workshop, wet moments near water side, and life moments throughout them all. Thank you, Grandpa, for being a steady influence of goodness, faithfulness, and gentleness in my life. I love you more than words can say!

And this guy.

He's celebrating his first Father's Day in Heaven with God, the Father. And today, even though I'm happy for him, my heart aches for him and for my aunts, uncle, & mom...A reminder that we're just not home yet.

Thankful for his silliness and obsession with duck-tape. I'm thankful for his generosity the way he loved all his family. But mostly, I'm thankful for his deep love for God and what that looked like lived out in life.

I am a truly blessed lady, to have {or have had} these men in my life. Their influence will not be known this side of heaven, but I'm thankful for it anyway.

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