Friday, June 14, 2013

I'm Proud of You

Tonight as I tucked you in, I squeezed you and told you how proud of you I was.

Imagine my surprise when you asked why...

So I told you. I told you as many things as I possibly could in that moment. That I was proud of your soccer skills, how you are focused and determined out on that field. I told you I was proud of the friend you are. I told you I was proud of how smart you are and that I can't wait to watch God's plan unfold for your life.

But I'm proud of you for so much more.

I'm proud of who you are. I'm so glad that you love Jesus. I watch you with your sister and am in awe...even when you're annoyed with her, you're loving. I'm so proud of the brother you are.

I'm proud of the helper you are around the house. I literally couldn't handle this place without you (so that means you can never leave!). I'm proud of the builder you are. You can make ANYTHING out of legos. Anything. And that's just awesome.

I'm proud of the reader you are. Your interest in books is so fun to watch, and I can't wait to start our next read-aloud book. Sometimes I think you understand on a deeper level than I's pretty impressive. I love to watch you read to Miss Ruby.

I'm proud of all the things you've overcome already in life. You have no idea...or maybe you do and just keep holding your cards close. Nothing in this life is going to phase you, and you are going to do great things...this I am sure.

I am proud of the things you're passionate about: cars, legos, having friends over, Wild Kratts, learning, soccer, Ninja Turtles, Transformers, etc...And I love learning about these things right beside you...because Momma just doesn't know about these things.

I'm proud that you ask a million questions. Some people are annoyed by this in their children, but not me. Every time we learn something new, we grow brain cells {really! We do!}. So ask away, my love! Let's grow your (my) brain!

I'm proud to have you for a son. I love spending all these extra hours with you this summer. I can't imagine my life without you.

And please...don't ever forget...I'm proud of you.


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