Monday, June 18, 2012

To my baby(s) daddy...

Sweet Mister...
When we were dating, your fondness of kids was a little disheartening. Being a born & bred kid~lover, I wasn't sure what to do with you...
And then 9 month old Isaiah forever changed your view. And for that, I am grateful. When I saw you bonding with him, I knew (without a shadow of doubt) that you were going to be a good dad.
But I was wrong.
You are not just a good dad. You are a great one. Really. The best. It seems you understand exactly what our kids need at any given moment. You don't just "get by" with them. You know them...really know them.
I don't think Baby R loves anyone like she loves you. And anyone that knows Big D will tell you he thinks YOU hung the moon...Not to mention their mother...she falls a little more in love with you every time you interact with them...<3
To not only be open to adoption, but to jump in with both feet (and 100% of your heart)'s literally more than I could ever have dreamed or imagined.
Thank you, God, for my baby(s) daddy. Thank you for the passion for them you have given him. Thank you for letting him be mine. Thank you for the way he adores our children. And thank you, that each Father's Day (and each day in between), we get to celebrate him as ours!