Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Faves {7} - letter style

Dear my view from the kitchen sink:
Thank you for that.
How could I ask for more?

Thanks for the great day with my kids and some friends.
Miss R loved "driving" the tractor.
Big D loved shooting balls to targets from the 2 story "tree house."
And me?  I loved being enveloped in a giant bubble. How have I lived this long without experiencing that?

Dear dentist:
Thanks for working quickly on my little man.
Thanks for telling me he's the best patient you ever had. 
He sure was brave, wasn't he?

Dear Big D:
You amaze me. 6 cavities and a root canal on a baby molar...and no flinch.
Not even when they gave you the shots.
And it was super cute when you tried to talk for the next 4 hours...{hehehe}

This painting touched me as an adoptive momma {who might not be finished yet}.
That baby boy is just can see it on his face.

Thank you, Jesus, for knowing all my children before I ever do...hold on to them until I can...

Dear cheap popsicles: 
Thanks for bringing Miss R so much joy. She loved her first one this week!
Also, can you please have more red per package, as those are the only ones I love? K, thanks!

Dear Big D:
Vacuum? Yes, please! 
Thanks for finding joy in chores, for it makes me find joy in mine.
I love having you home.

Dear kidlets:
I literally can't imagine life without you.
Please keep loving each other {and being so photogenic}.

And Rachel @ Finding Joy - thanks for doing this every Friday, even though I only have done it 7 times. You inspire me.

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