Monday, March 4, 2013

Friday Faves {5}

Though I'm not as faithful at this as I should be, I enjoy capturing life's moments through the week and sharing them on Fridays. Here I am, on Monday, sharing a few days we go!

Am I the only one that finds this utterly hilarious {and fantastic}? The kid is.FUNNY.

Baby R hugged the mannequins.  Yup...and this one she could actually semi-hug for real. Old Navy was happy to see us go that day, this I am sure.

We had a surprise road trip to go see my sister & her 4 kiddos on our first free weekend all year! Baby R adores her cousins...can you tell?

Upwards Bball 2013 is in the books. And I'm so glad I captured this moment in the last week of it. I love Upwards for many reasons, but my favorite reason is that they teach kids about Jesus as they teach them about said sport. Soccer's up next!

I had a "YES day" with D. I'm going to blog about it. I will.

Not even sure you can see it, but this is D's little snow person. By this time, the cheeto we were using for the nose & the m&ms we were using (from Christmas) for the eyes were...not there anymore. But it was a cute little dude. With SUUUUUPER long arms.

Baby R's first piece of artwork. Love.

Baby R's reaction to a StarKiss from DQ. Funny. And then she'd want more. And then she'd make the same face again...

These two just can't get any more cute, eh?
And I'll close with my favorite shot of the month: Daddy & Baby R napping. It tugs at my heart strings EVERY.Single.Time I see it...

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  1. Your children are beautiful! I wanted you to know I nominated you for a Leibster award... you can check it out here