Monday, February 25, 2013

It's Been A While...

I mean...a WHILE. I have these great and lofty goals to blog a couple times a week. {right!}

I find that I blog most when I'm not in the valley..when I have something positive to put out there...when I'm not struggling to get out of bed in the morning...So...good news: I must be coming out of a funk.

I have so many blogs started in my head. So many things to say & share. And I wonder if anyone besides my Belle even reads them, ya know? But here I am....clicking away at the computer just letting you know I'm here. Life is good. And I have some drafts going. I'm ready to tell you about a few of my favorite things on Friday with Finding Joy. Hope to see you then! See below for some eye candy from my IG account (JosKeathley if you wanna follow me!)

 Daddy & Daughter - is there any sweeter bond? They get me Every.Single.Day.

 Having a "yes day" with D. Definitely going to write about this experience, which has been inspired by several of my favorite bloggers.

My Mister is running for our little town's future mayor. Our house is hustling & bustling with election stuff. And I'm the "un"official campaign manager, graphic designer, etc. {And I couldn't be more proud of my love. He's always wanted to be mayor of our cute little village.}


  1. Yay for new blog posts :-) ~Belle

  2. I love reading your your blogs and I feel ya about not wanting to get out of bed the grass isn't greener on my side of the fence believe me spring is on the horizon I'm hoping that will help us all your kids are to die for so happy and adorable
    love unt lili