Sunday, March 17, 2013

This Growing Up Business

Dear Dillon:

7 has always been my favorite number. Don't ask why. I don't even really know. It just seems like such a perfect number to me.

And now, today, my favorite boy turns 7 {that's you!}!

People said this would happen. That life would go quickly...that I would blink and you'd be driving. Thankfully you're not there yet (unless you count your little 4 wheeler, bike, or Gator), but I blinked...and now you're 7. And I'm thrilled/happy/scared/terrified/excited/sad that you're growing up. It's very emotional - this growing up business!

You are such a blessing in my life. And it's so busy. Life is...our home...our schedule. I just hope that you know how much of a blessing you are to me. I can't imagine what life would be like without you, and I actually don't remember much of life before you.

I admire you in so many ways. I admire your determination (even if it's annoying at times, too!). I admire your sheer tenacity. Your memory is amazing, and you make me giggle on a daily basis. There's nothing I love more than your kisses...even if you try to wipe mine off. Wrestling with you is fun, too, and you should know that I won't always will be stronger than me sooner than you think. :)

You are a child of routine, and as we prayed over you last night before bed, I got really emotional...hoping, praying, begging you to know how much you are loved. Sweet boy, do you know how much you are loved?

We longed for you before you ever came. Just ask those that knew us then...we did. And a sweet day in October that I found out you had this chance to possibly be my child...I just knew it was God answering the cries of my heart. God, in His infinite wisdom, knew so much better than I did...He answered my prayers far better than I could have ever dreamed or imagined. He's great like that, our Father...

He loves you, too, D. I mean...I'm told that he loves you more than I do. I. Can. Not. Imagine. And He has huge plans for you. You're going to be something great when you grow up. And you're going to reach people for Him. And though life is hard some days {sometimes a lotta days}, He is always there...a constant source of love, mercy, and grace.

My prayer for you this year is that you will continue to grow. That you will continue to learn...and that you will have fun while you're at it. After all, you're only a kid once! I pray that you will keep seeking Jesus and learning more about God's goodness as you start to read the Bible on your own. I pray that you will, above all else, know how much you are loved.


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  1. (: your an awesome mama
    Aunt lili