Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday faves {4}

I am loving this Friday Faves notion from Finding Joy. I find myself snapping things that make me happy, for they are blessings, great or small, that help me hear God whispering to me: "I love you."

I am officially counting 1,000 gifts this year with Ann Voscamp & crew. {There's an app for that.} So there will be more than just what I have in pics.

1) Baby dolls & the shoes they wear...and the sweet toddlers that are intrigued by them.
2) Games with my favorite 6 year old.

3) A bestie who will do a devo plan with me on the fly {which is tremendously challenging me. Check out #shereadstruth to find out more.}

4) #shereadstruth
5) Simple dinners {ramen noodles} and the kids who appreciate them. Literally - D said, "Momma, you're the bestest cook EVER!" I don't even know why I try with real food. ;-)
6) A quiet Panera & devos before heading to work.
7) Asiago cheese bagel at said Panera.
8) The ladies Bible study that started behind me as I studied God's word (in Panera).
9) Big D being so happy to go back to school, even though I sure was sad.
10) Baby R giggling with Daddy.
11) Our new pastor...
12) An answered prayer
13) Snuggles on the couch with the Mister.
14) Adoption - moving forward {even if it is just a 4 minute appt with a lawyer}
15) A rare snuggle session  with our ever-active toddler, Baby R.
16) New words & communication "shoo-shoo" = Choo-choo
17) Long talks with the boy...he is so funny.
18) Teaching D to spell what. "What, what, what...W-H-A-T" while punching the air. {Here's to hoping he remembers it for his test today!}
19) My basketball loving boy, even if that does mean he gets boo-boos!
20) Sleeping beauty

21) Cake batter Krispies {found here if you're interested}. #willnevergoback

22) Vinyl wall phrases. I will become a junkie of these...this I am sure.

My heart is full.

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