Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Faves {3}

Loving the challenge of finding joy in the little things found on this blog. Seriously. A must-read. God is using it to help me learn all about joy in the chaos.

friday favorite things | finding joy

Sweet cousin Katie being a good sport for a cousin-pile. Darling.

Getting to see the WHOLE of an entire family {minus one sweet face}...that was fun. And rare. And special.  And unforgettable.

Seriously can't look at this picture without smiling. My 3 favorite people. Turns out if Baby R ever wants to snuggle, Big D suddenly wants on our lap, too. #knewitwouldhappen #lovethemso

Pure, lazy, tv-watching. Didn't even have the decency to take his coat off. {Can you tell he's deprived of the tele?}

Words can't escape me. Precious {or as my cousins say, "presh"}.


  1. Oh my, that last picture is just out-of-control cute!!! What a sweet girl! So precious.

  2. A lovely set of family shots. All of the smiles are wonderful.