Thursday, November 15, 2012

On Being Sickly...

Doesn't it seem that illness always comes at the worst possible time? I mean, there ever a good time to be sickly? I think not.

But this week? This has been my view...

It's my Mickey Mouse blankey from my childhood. Sharing a room with my sister had 2 perks: 1) Matching Mickey Mouse bedspreads (that are totally rad, btw) & 2) my baby ceester's preggo ET impression. If she doesn't kill me for publishing that fact to the whole world, I'm just going to have to talk her into doing it for "old time's sake" next time I see her...

I digress. I've been sick this week. Sick. Not just one kind of sick, but 12 kinds. And the worst: itching. It started on Monday just after the "stomach bug" attacked. And it's gotten bad enough that I can't sleep now. I won't go into anymore details, but just know...if you haven't seen me since Sunday, this is why. I'm on meds now...hopefully they'll pull me up on outta here, but if not, me & my Micky Mouse Blankey will be on the couch watching reruns on the Netflix & scratching all my itches.

On a lighter you ever have something that smells of someone/something long after many washings and MANY years of storage? This blankey smells like my childhood. And it makes me miss my sister a ton. {4 hours is too far away...}

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