Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's Christmas Time!

I don't know if it's because of my Grampa's death that it kinda snuck up on me. We just kinda grazed over Thanksgiving {believe it or not, I still haven't had any turkey!}, and now that I'm home, I'm READY for Christmas. Everyone's Christmas trees peeking out the windows are making me want to get mine up and going...

Last year, I was battling new baby-ness {& a bit of depression} and couldn't even imagine decorating for Christmas. So this year, so far {and I only have a few things out} - I am just crying tears of joy over the little things. Hearing Big D sing along to the Christmas songs as we put the tree up as a family, how ca~ute this mini tree is that hangs on the wall in our "eating area," and just SEEING all the things I've collected in my {few} short years as an adult.

We're doing an advent calendar as a family {with activities, service projects & treats}, as well as the Christmas Book idea found here. I will blog more about that when they're wrapped! {Yes, it's Dec. 1 & they're not wrapped! But I do have the 24 books picked out and labeled with numbers...progress, people.} I'm also hoping to do the Truth in the Tinsel project with D, but am not sure it will start today, just for time's sake. The Jesse Tree is an idea, too...

I'm not sure what you're doing today, but I'm listening to great Christmas music & decking my walls with Christmas gear! The Hubs is going to put our icicle lights up later, and we're planning on ornamenting our lovely tree, pictured above.

Have I mentioned I'm excited about the Advent season this year?!

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