Thursday, August 25, 2011


So...I'm getting ready to crush some of you. I mean, really.

I have good intentions, I really do. But I just can't seem to do it.

Do what, you ask?

Be a good Susie-Home-Maker.

Now, to be quite honest up front, the measuring stick with which I measure is P.R.E.T.T.Y. big. My Marmi Jo-jo is an UH-MAZING housekeeper. A perfect blend of Susie (HomeMaker), Betty (Crocker), and Martha (Stewart). No really. This woman is just...someone I can only attain to be.

When I was teaching (pre-kid), I thought I was struggling because I was busy. Especially those first 2, I spent a LOT of time in the classroom. There was rarely energy left for cleaning/cooking/picking up/straightening/being a good home maker. So I rarely did.

Then we bought a house. It had 2 more rooms than the past house (that I had already struggled to keep up with). Not to mention a yard, etc. So...Uhhhhh....Not sure why I thought "maybe here I will do well." Nope.

Then we got a dog. Love him to pieces. Don't even GET me started on the mess they make, smell they make, etc. (And mine even does his business outside! He's just a stink-er!)

Then we got a 4 year old. Oh, brother. him to pieces. Can't live without him (literally...don't think I could.) Can't BELIEVE the mess he makes. Every. Waking. Hour. {Though to be quite honest, I am trying to teach him to clean up after himself. 1.5 years later, he's not doing too bad.}

{Now, in case you're wondering...this post is not JUST about how I suck at being a house keeper.}

I've tried everything:
  • Daily Cleaning Lists/Chores - Woops! I'd go days without looking at it.
  • Fly Lady - she's neat, she really is. Just can't keep up.
  • Weekend Cleaning - nope...doesn't work
  • Week Night Cleaning  - refer to the above comment
  • Split Cleaning - The Mister & I will split chores and take responsibility for only those chores. He quit that after there wasn't a clean towel (in the whole house)...Not to mention other things that are quite necessary.
All this to give encouragement to a few of you out there who secretly are not the best @ this ever-loving, never-ending job.

I found something that works!


Yup. It's an egg timer. I make a list of areas that need to be cleaned up (usually ALL of them). I split time up (usually 10-15-20 minutes). Set the timer. Give myself a few 5 minute internet breaks (because I'm severely addicted...maybe THAT'S why I stink at this). And work my way down the list. It makes it fun, quick, and I end up trying to beat the timer. After all, if the bathroom gets cleaned up before the 10 minutes is up, I can have a few free minutes on's worth it.

That's what I've been doing the past hour. Beating the clock. And 1 hour went by VERY fast, yet I got a LOT done.

Off to see if I can get dishes AND laundry done in 10 minutes flat...


  1. The kids and I used to do what I called a "10 minute sweep" Ready, set, go: put away every sloppy out of place thing you can find in 10 minutes. They hated it but it was amazing how much better things could look in 10 minutes!