Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Where I've Been...

 So I promise I haven't dropped off the face of the planet. I really do hope to really get back into the blogosphere very shortly.


is where I've been.

We call her Ruby Grace. She came very quickly (we had less than 24 hour notice). And she has changed the course of our lives. I would say God has a sense of humor, but the reality is...I've been praying for a baby for the longest time. Little did I know she would come as our adopted son's birth sister and that she would quietly sweep into our hearts and lives and radically change everything.

This certainly isn't how we planned it. But what in life is, right?

All this to say: I miss you. I miss blogging. I miss reading blogs and keeping up with all these random strangers. I will be back. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Because to be quite honest...I feel like I'm going to come OUT OF MY SKIN if I don't get to do a crafty project ASAP.

Anyway - we would appreciate any prayers as we learn to function in a purely chaotic state.



  1. This is the first picture I've seen of her. She's beautiful!!! (nona)

  2. love you guys so much, so excited that we get to do this together! (steph)

  3. What a cutie. Blessings to you.

    Uncle Kevin

  4. She is gorgeous and you are such a good mama! (this is LeeAnn) Cant wait to read more about how things are going(:

  5. What a blessing ! I always knew you had a heart full of love to give . bravo to you and "mister" for going down the "A" road- my hubby and I are in talks with an agency (had noooo clue it was so $$$$ !)
    very very happy for you Jos- many many blessings <3
    God Bless -