Friday, July 22, 2011

Fabulous Food Friday: Sweet, Sweet Strawberries

When I was teaching, we had Fabulous Food Fridays in our classroom. Every Friday a.m., we would make something fun together. Do you know, my first year instituting this, only 3 out of TWENTY 3, 4, and 5 year olds had ever MADE J-E-L-L-O with their parents. Really, parents?

Baking/cooking/making with your children is one of the most enriching things you can do! I'm not talking big stuff. No grand meals served here in the Keathley Homestead.

But most meals are made with my 5 year old. We have some of our best and coolest conversations in the kitchen. We each wear aprons. Lil' D is the Master of the KitchenAid...I taught him how to be gentle with our precious beast, and he even helps me make bread.

Today I thought I'd share one of my favorite fruits. My little man can eat a pint of these in one sitting. I love eating them whole, but my Marmi always sliced them to make them go further (in my family of 6). This is a variation of how she did it.


It's simple. Start with a quart of strawberries. Rinse and wash thoroughly but gently. Take tops off (with your preferred method).

My mom would then take each individual strawberry and carefully slice with her Cutco knife....have y'all every USED a Cutco knife? Yea....THAT'S a good way to lose a finger.

Being that I'm lazy I like to save time and energy in the kitchen, I thought I would try something...the food processor. It has a slice method. Surely it would work!

And it does! This is my preferred method. Little D's job is to put said strawberries in the hatch for the processor and turn it on. Then we sprinkle just a tad bit of Splenda on top. Refrigerate for yummy juices and whatnot.

This also freezes well in cottage cheese or cool whip containers. If I'm going to freeze a batch, I try to put a little "Fresh Fruit" on it...not sure what all it is, but keeps it nice and red when it thaws out. Otherwise, it's kinda...brownish-reddish. Fresh Fruit can be found in the jello aisle usually on the top shelf (FYI).

Enjoy! (And cook with your children for goodness sakes!)


  1. Okay..So excited you put a new blog up!!

    And for a second I thought you were recommending strawberries and cottage cheese. haha

  2. You are SO my biggest fan. I love you so much! And, for the record, I do love me some cottage cheese...just not WITH strawberries. ;-)