Monday, June 27, 2011

At the Cross...

Ever have one of those days? It's been a rough one around the Keathley Homestead. {Good, but rough. Is that possible?} We had many ups and a few downs, but in general, I was just in a "funk."

Ever have one of those songs? A song that puts your mind so much on the right things that it just turns everything around? Enter this song.

I remember it from when a group from Olivet came to sing at my church a year or so ago. It touched me so very deeply then. I listened to it over and over, but then couldn't find it again before buying.

Be assured. It is now on my iPod Praise playlist.

A friend put it on Facebook tonight, and I've just had the greatest "God time" tonight right her in my office/craft room. There is clutter and chaos all around me and a million things to do...But "at the cross I bow my knee, there's no greater love than this...what can seperate me now?"

Ah-mazing. {Seriously. You should listen to it.}

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