Saturday, June 4, 2011

DIY: Flippity Flops

In the spirit of summer, I thought I would post my new favorite flips!

We made these at a Family Fun Night at the end of the school year {I know, I know...I'm catching up, slowly and surely}.

All you need are some strips of fabric (1"x6") and a cheap-o pair of flops in any color you desire.

{Can you tell I adore the cute green flowered one!?}

I love them b/c they are easy to make and totally fun to look at {not to mention CHEAP}! They dress my ugly feet up just nicely!

{Probably could have done without this picture. Please excuse my "tankles" and the incredible need for a pedicure.}


  1. I couldn't tell you needed a pedicure! hahaha :-) Cute

  2. So cute! And, they will match with everything! Thanks for dropping by my blog - I'll go take a better look around yours! :)