Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Show 'N Tell: DIY Advent Calendar

Now, I know I've already confessed to you all my severe addiction to the blog world. Not so much now that I've started babysitting by day, as it takes up any spare moments I used to have during the day. :-)

However, I came across this a few weeks ago, and put a MUST DO on it. Christmas is really fun with a 4 year old, and I want to make it ultra-special for my little guy. In doing so, I'm trying to do all the little things my parents did that made Christmas time so magical...I don't care what they say - it isn't "Santa" that makes this time of year magical. It's our attitudes, our non-self focus. It's the urge to do something for others and the pure joy we get out of a snowflake. And it's the fact that all these "wordly" traditions, from christmas lights & trees to candy canes - all stem and go around our Savior's birth. (There may be more to come on this in another post.)

Anyway - in being true to myself, I wanted to make our very first advent calendar and I wanted it to be something that could be made and be stored easily. I got this idea from here, which is one of the bajillion blogs I follow and copy ideas from on a daily basis. (Thanks, by the way!)

It is easy and simple, and I was able to use my early Christmas/birthday/...present (Cricut!!!!!) to make all the numbers. It took a few hours, just b/c a lot of it is cutting, punching out, gluing on, and those little magnets were a PAIN! But I think it will be fabulous to use over and over. All it took was a mini-muffin tin (3.87 @ Wally World), paper, and little magnets.

Along the lines of being true to myself - instead of giving my little sugar-crazed child more sugar, we are going to do a special "Christmas activity" each day. I used her list that she posted and added a bunch of my own.

And I know you're all anxious to see what all this blabber is about:

See?!?! Isn't it FABULOUS!?

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