Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm a dog person...

I'm a dog person. I know what some of you are thinking - WHAT?!?!?! Is this the same girl who begged her parents at age 10 for a mutt named Panda and then virtually forgot about her, whined about having to feed and water her, and never spent time in the back yard with her? The same girl?

Others of you (Williamsons especially) are thinking "Gross!" I know...I know...

I was raised to like to look at dogs. My daddy has a heart for animals...always has. Grammy has lots of stories. But due to multiple circumstances and life experiences, we did not have an indoor dog. We did, however, have Panda...Poor Panda. Enough about that.

I married a dog person, actually, married into a dog family. There wasn't a time in Aaron's life that he didn't have a dog in their home. And there are stories...boy, are there stories.

Enter the ever-lasting argument about indoor dogs. Some people like 'em; some people don't. I had a misconception that indoor dogs made a home smell or dirty. Not sure where I got it, but I did. We have friends that have indoor dogs. Their home isn't smelly or dirty, though I have been in homes that were. I officially think that's due to the owner and not the poor dog, but that's another soap-box.

Aaron & I couldn't agree. Aaron didn't want an outdoor dog; I didn't want an indoor dog. So I would always be denying him and our children of an experience that he treasures from his childhood.

Here I am, 2 years after getting our favorite K-9, Gilbert Rufus Keathley, proclaiming that I'm a dog person! I love little dogs and big dogs. I like licking dogs and barking dogs (though that can get annoying on both parts). I love puppies and old dogs. Seriously. They're so great. What a great companion...Recently, I have met a yorkie that I adore (CJ), who belongs to my cousin.

Anywho - all this to say...Gilbert, though he doesn't speak, is always here for me. When I cry, he sits at my feet (or on my lap). When I sleep, he snuggles up (or takes up most of the bed). When I am in danger (even if it's pretend), WATCH OUT! He sure loves hims Momma...He listens (sometimes), obeys (usually), and loves. He guards, protects, and hunts. He loves...he loves me, Dad, AND our new addition, 4 year old Dillon. They are the best of friends.

There's not a thing that I would trade for this dog. Seriously. He's the best thing EVER. And yes, I have to vacuum and clean more. I have to spray febreeze on our couch. I have to smell his stinky farts, and fight over the spot where my feet are supposed to go in bed. But my life is better with Gil.

I am a dog person. Officially. To which Aaron replies FINALLY. (and who wouldn't be with THIS thing living with them!?)(okay - I adore this pic. Gil actually gets behind people on the if he's hugging or something. He loves his dad. :-)

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