Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Book Thoughts: "The Shack" (Young)

So, I've been working on this book for 8 weeks. Not sure why it's taken me so long to get into it. It might be because it requires 100% concentration and thought process, unlike other fiction I often wrap myself into.

Today I finished it. And I want to write about it and commit to re-reading it again soon. What a message. What a vivid display of the God-trio - Father, Son, Spirit. A journey of a broken man, his journey to forgiveness and wholeness, and the way it affects the rest of his life and the people he loves.

The first time through, here are the things that were meaningful to me:

~"If anything matters, then everything matters." I mean, really...think about it.
~"I'm especially fond of you." - God, Jesus, Sarayu (the Holy Spirit) This was something that was said so many times. Almost as if the author wanted to make sure the readers closed the book and knew without a shadow of doubt that they were loved by God.
~Whether we like it, know it, talk about it, or experience it...other people's past relationships (good and bad) follow them and affect them for the rest of their lives (unless, of course, true wholeness is provided through forgiveness).
~We have a lot of misconceptions about God. Things that aren't necessarily in the Bible and aren't necessarily true. I realize this was a fiction book, but it has opened my eyes a little bit.
~Forgiveness is more for the one forgiving and not as much about the one that is forgiven. Did I know this? If not, how come? Why has this never been spoken this simply. It makes total sense to me, and maybe it will help me to forgive...maybe I can let go of some things?

Anyway - that's all for now, but I'm telling you...that book is read-worthy. It's fiction, but God may speak to you through it.

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