Sunday, May 9, 2010

My First Mother's Day

It's the end of my first mother's very first mother's day. All these years...wishing I could be getting a carnation during church service (or in the Brown County days, the Lucas' plants!). All these years...wondering when I would get to be a mommy and celebrate this day.

And here it is. I'm approaching the end of it and reflecting on the gift that it was. Aaron has set the bar pretty high. No cleaning and cooking for this momma...also, this beautiful Willow Tree Angel given to me by my boys. Dillon's exact words were "This is Mommy and Dillon." He was so proud of it. Aaron took me to El Rodeo for lunch (my fave) and made my favorite foods for dinner...yummo! He pretty much just treated me like a princess.

And then I have this amazing mom. I can reflect on life with her and see how her character, determination, stamina, and motivations have shaped me and helped me be who I am. There were days in my youth (possibly and mostly adolescence) when I wasn't very nice to her...and yet, she continued to love me unconditionally. She was always there with great, healthy meals, lots of interesting activities (and no, I'm still not thrilled about the time she dragged us to the "monk"estary), and was there for every event I ever remember having at school. She made birthdays and holidays very special, and she is an amazing and award winning bread maker. 2 more things about her and I'll shut up...1) She never yelled at me. I never remember her raising her voice. I never felt be-littled by her and the way she treated me in public. 2) She knew her it in front of us, read it with us, shared stories, memories, and thoughts about it.

As I reflect on my first mother's day...just one day short of 4 weeks into being an "insta-mom" to this amazing 4 year old, I want to be like my mom. I want to love and live on the Word of God. I want to never yell at my child. I want to honor them, be there for them, cook healthy meals (and yummy bread) for them. I want to make birthdays a big deal (not necessarily with presents but with enthusiasm and love). I want to be like my momma.

And so - the ultimate shout-out to my mom...a beautiful soul who has lived without her mom for so many years and yet turned out to be the best one I've ever seen. Someone who's sketchers I am not worthy to put on my feet (though they're like...5 sizes too small anyway). I love you, Marmi are my rock. Thank you for loving me and my brudders and sister with all that you have. I wanna be just like you when I grow up. :-)

Also - shout-out to my husband who has made this day especially memorable with his words of kindness, deeds, and planning. And a very big shout-out to my new son, whom I adore. Look at those can you resist?

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  1. Very cool. I am so happy for you. A well deserved tribute to your Mom.