Thursday, May 19, 2011

Show 'N Tell: Caddy Make-over

This is the story of Belle's caddy.

Please note: none of the crafts I do are hard. But most of them are cute (and cheap).

Another note: none of my ideas are original...too bad, cuz I'm sure I could come up with some cool ideas with lots of time and an extended amount of cash flow.

Back to Belle's caddy...

I'm not gonna knock on whoever created this or bought it, but it is NOT pretty. I believe it is a hallmark brand. Really sturdy. Very smooth. But really? A painted on hankerchief? {Things that make you go "hmmmm"}

Read a bunch of blogs about "upcycling" and redecorating and giving new purpose to things. Who can't use another caddy? Hello, easy and simple organization {helps if it's cute, too!}.

Add a couple layers of this pretty gray paint - not too shabby...

Then add a few sheets of this adorable crackled paper with the ever popular Mod Podge, and wa-la! Beautimous!

 Total cost of this project: less than $1 (I think I had to buy the paper...I let her pick it out) {Sa-weet!}


  1. Beautiful!! And it's mine!! :-)

  2. It's funny, but today I keep coming across these clevery titled blogs...and yours is another one! Organized chaos...the only way to go, right!
    I'm now following you...and I would love to have you visit me.

    Ciao Bella!