Thursday, April 14, 2011

Note to Self...

We're in the middle of a big (year long) project here...painting D's room! We promised it the first week he came (1 year ago), thought we'd do it over the summer, bought the paint at the beginning of the summer (killer deal, y'all!), got the first wall painted at the end of the summer, leaving THREE other walls to do.

My genious Mr decided if it "inconvienienced us," then we would be quicker about finishing the walls. In other words, we put D's toys, furniture, and did I mention TOYS all over the house (simply because there is not one single space that would hold all this stuff). Got wall #2 done on Thursday of last week (7 days ago), wall #3 done yesterday (with much ado - more to come in a bit), and today, I'm GOING to get wall #4 done (maybe even all by myself).

I am a perfectionist. It's a known fact, and though I think it's okay to be a perfectionist, I HATE IT. {On that note, if any of you have a remedy for this, please advise...}

I was teasing/getting on to the Mr for accidentally dripping our blue paint on our beige carpet...then I go to fix a "problem issue" at the top of the room, come off the ladder and STEP into a butter tub FULL of paint.

Yes, there was a HUGE blue glopping spot in the middle of the floor. {not to mention my foot and super cute toe ring were also drenched in smurf blue}

Three reasons for this post:
1) Do NOT {under any circumstances} tease the Mr about spilling a few drops of paint...that are really quite easy to clean up.
2) Always look where you're going when coming down from a ladder. Why do I not know this? I'm going to chalk it up to my fear of heights, causing me to not be on ladders very often...(there's the perfectionist in me just justifying away...) Okay - it's because I'm stupid! Good grief, I think I might have even KNOWN that paint was there...
3) In case {God forbid} anything like this ever happens to you. Here's how to clean it up:

Stockphoto from Google. Sadly, my paint wasn't this lightly colored.

  • Dob as much of it up as you can. We now have no rags here. I threw them all away. Then we used up 2 rolls of paper towels. {It was a lot of paint.}
  • Use cold water. Repeat dobbing process. Now it will be MUCH lighter blue, but blue nonetheless.
  • Put a SMALL amount of "Joy" or dishwashing soap on it. The reason I say small is b/c we used a large amount and...had a LOT of suds and rinsing to do.
  • Rinse & scrub. Use cold water always...a scrub brush helps, too. And lots of fresh buckets of water.
  • We ended up (b/c of all the suds) using the carpet cleaner (which got full and SPLATTERED DIRTY WATER ON MY FRESHLY PAINTED WALL) if you have one of those, you could do that at the end of the process, too. We didn't clean it with that, just used the rinse cycle b/c it pulls water (and suds) out of the carpet.
  • Ugh. Don't beat yourself up over it. It happens to people all the time {does it?}.
Anyway - hope someone finds this helpful, even if it is is humorous. I will think it's funny when D's room is put back together, and I don't have to walk around his toys at night and during the day. The only place where his stuff isn't is the refuge.

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  1. Oh no!! What a mess!! Reminds me of our great idea to wash out your oil based paint brushes in the bathtub-opps! Anxious to see the room when you get it all back together! :-)

    On a side note C wants D to come over and play.