Friday, April 8, 2011


I just saw that I have 29 followers.

I'm not gonna lie...I gasped OUT LOUD.

Mostly b/c last time I checked, I had...I don't know...4.

I will be having my very first giveaway at my 30th. (yay! a giveaway!)

(yes, that's a bingo peg thingy-majig)

Since I'm 30 and will have 30 followers soon...maybe it's my new lucky number! 

{Did I just tell you my age ~ another big GASP}


  1. Does it count when you are one of your own followers? So really you are at 28? :-)

  2. Um....thank you for pointing that out. I didn't even know I was my own follower. And now I can't figure out how to not be my follower. Oh boy :-/.

    PS - I laughed out loud when you put did I not notice?!