Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Few Things You Should Know...

I'm linking this up to a blog I follow (and am inspired by weekly +) here. She's fabulous. She encouraged us to do this and link up, so here I am.

These are a few things you should know about me (but probably don't unless you're REALLY close):

  • I hated high school, don't remember junior high (for some reason?), and LOVED college. Would re-do college any day of the week.
  • Christian fiction is my downfall...I'd rather read than do just about anything else (besides blog) if I have a few free moments to myself.
  • I don't like being a SAHM as much as I thought I's a struggle daily (sad, I know...)
  • If I ask, I will learn something new every time I open my Bible...that's amazing...and I'm excited to know that it will be that way my whole life.
  • I'm a born and bred Nazarene....don't think I will ever change (and that's okay with me). I realize it's not about the denomination....some of you understand.
  • I can never get enough sleep, and sometimes I cry when I have to wake up early (I know, right?)

  • I think Aaron has the prettiest blue eyeballs of anyone I've ever seen! (Sadly, you can't see them in the above photo.)
  • I am a home-body, but when I'm stuck here (as in don't have a car or can't leave the house for whatever reason, I HATE IT.)
  • I love to go to the Dollar Tree with a few dollars in my hand...I like to buy myself a little treat.
  • I used to go to the bathroom with the door open....but now that we have a 4 year old, I lock the door, turn on the fan, and grab a book...seriously. It's my only alone time.
  • I'm undeniably and certifiably addicted to Diet Mt. Dew.

  • There are days that I actually can't believe I'm a Momma...(and I love the feeling that accompanies that)
  • I HATE cats (I'm very sorry for those of you cat people...I'm a dog person, I get it-I think.)
  • I can read a book in any situation. I have the ability (due to being a PreK teacher) to block out unnecessary noise. My favorite place to read these days: Play Place @ McDs.
  • If my husband is off or works the night shift when I'm home, I always ask for a McD's Large Diet Coke (what's UP with that? We have some in our pantry, but it's NOT the same.)
  • I am constantly adding to my list of "cute things to make," though I rarely ever get to that list. (Thus, massive piles of "junk" in my closets). It'll be cute one day...
  • I love my nieces and nephews (and best friend's kids) with a fierce intensity that scares me sometimes...
  • I hate filling up ice trays...I know, right? What's the big deal? I do not know.
  • In my opinion, there is nothing cool about feet. Seriously. All of them are gross...I often question why the Creator thought they were a good idea...(I have to admit that itty bitty baby feet (2 months or younger) don't gross me out yet.)
  • I overuse the () keys....sorry (I probably over use the ....... key, too, huh?)
  • I'd rather not get out of my pajamas unless I have to.
  • If I were hiring (which I'm not), I would literally not hire someone unless they correctly used your, you're, and other contractions and grammar correctly).
  • Doritos and Double Stuff E.L. Fudge cookies are my junk food of choice (and I never buy them for this reason.)
  • I let my dog lick my feet (and kinda like it) - don't judge.
  • Also - I secretly feel jipped that we never had an indoor dog my whole life. There will probably not be many days of that left in my life...

  • I talk to my best friend every day. Either by phone, text, email...but I usually know what's going on at her house daily. I live too far away from her and miss her terribly most days... :-( And I thank God for her every day. She is my sunshine.
  • There's a little piece of me that adores my husband even when I'm angry with him (angriest of angries, too!). I am so blessed!
  • One of my biggest pet peeves is when people smack their food! CLOSE YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU EAT! Good grief.
  • I love being married. And I love going on dates. And I love laughing together and making fun of each other. Most of all, I love holding hands...

Enough about me...what about you?

PS - This is where I did my link up. :-)


  1. Didn't realize how many little quirks we share until I read this :)

  2. Do you let your dog lick your feet, too?! :-P

    Yea, I'm pretty's a real issue I have. (Poor Aaron.)

  3. I laughed out loud about not hiring someone that doesn't get your and you're right. Major pet peeve for me also! Now about the dog licking your feet . . . eeewwwhhhh!

  4. Yea, Kev! You should have seen my mom's face the first time she realized what was happening the first time she saw it! I thought she was going to throw up! :-) (By the way - what is WRONG with people and their improper grammar? Seriously! We spent how many years doing grueling reviews over them...let's get it RIGHT people!

  5. I cant figure out how to comment?????

  6. I have to approve them. So you did exactly what you should...I just have to approve them, and then it will appear. :-) Hope this helps!