Friday, October 9, 2015

Show 'N Tell: My Office Corner

Due to the chaotic nature of life, I rarely get around to my gargantuan to do list.

Today, however, I wasn't dealing with real life. I have a few extra days with the kids, so I thought I'd knock one out.

To start, I'm begging you not to judge. My house is almost always in a state of upheaval (I must find balance one of these days). know...just ignore the mess. :)

This is the BEFORE corner. We have our "office" in a little corner in the living/dining/family room. It's walls have been bare since we made it the corner office. I have collected and saved things that I wanted to put up there (mostly from our old "office" space, which was Ruby's room - and is now Molly's). Please note the painting tape in the top corner. Yes we've lived here for 8 years, and yes...we painted before we moved in. So...we can just not talk about that, mmmkay?

Then after hours of moving, unhooking all the electronic stuff (which,, I have a somewhat blank canvas. I cleaned baseboards I didn't even know were there. And...yuck. But I digress.

Here is the AFTER. And yes. I'm in love. But then again, I did make most of these things, so it's a bit of a piece of me on the wall. I proudly admit that I did remove that piece of painters tape, though it is not shown in the picture.

I love the mish mash of it all. It's so much like our life. Cheap calendar, cute dog frame, handmade goodies, words of inspiration, pictures of the ones we love the most.

My favorite piece is our family motto: be kind always. I threw this together to fill a hole there. Just a visual reminder of what we say all the time in these walls (which is a blog post for another day).

                       there's one whole corner of my house that is both clean and presentable. That's asking a lot. Thought I should show it off.

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