Monday, May 5, 2014

That Moment

It was everywhere. She's been potty-trained for a while now (to the tune of 7+ months), but we're just now in the thick of "accidents." {This toddler parenting thing...are there words for it?} So when I say "it" was everywhere...I'll let you use your deductive reasoning...

And he's done a little grocery shopping (one of my least favorite things to do now with kidlets in tow)...and he comes around the corner...right when I think I'm going to lose it. Both kids fussing, me holding back a few tears of frustration from all the chaos.

He has a bouquet of flowers. He shoves them in my face. "Thank you for being the best wife ever." Shy grin.

And right there - in that moment - he turned the WORST moment of the day to the BEST one.

Here's the thing: I'm not the best wife. {Not even close.} I'm selfish and get angry. I care about EVERYTHING (even where the ketchup goes in the fridge), and I rarely keep my thoughts/opinions to myself. I huff a lot...and assume he can read my mind...even when I really know he can't.

And even though I'm not the best wife, I do want to be. I do try hard to get everything done that needs to be done, all while "momming" and ya know...everything else. And so - even though I know it's not true - it means the world to me that he said it. Because I am trying. And I want to do better.

And now I have a beautiful bouquet sitting on my table to help me remember.

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