Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My new favorite...

I remember always admiring they are different than anything you've ever seen.
I love that they are white.
I love to see a single one or a million in a field.
And I love, love, love to watch the seeds fly as wind, breath, or air take them away.

And I remember how shocked I was when I found out they were weeds. Not just any weed, but a pesky one at that. One that was hard to get under control...and surprisingly one that most people (in general) hated. {gasp!}


I still get giddy when I get to blow a full white puffy dandy. I'm in awe that God would create something so beautiful that has very little purpose in life, though as you would have it, I have found that they're not ALL pesky. Dandy's can be quite beneficiary all across the board, which I won't bore you with.

All this to's my new favorite image. Lisa Leonard took this amazing pic and put it on IG this week, which prompted me to really think about them.

And I have.

Life is short. I mean...SHORT. So many people have had so many really rough journeys. And some days my journey (for lack of a better word). And moments...they're like the seeds. They are GONE in but an instant. And then life is never the same again.

And so I want to cherish the "seedlet moments." Because they won't be mine forever. They'll be carried away by tomorrow and blown to and fro, and I'll be left holding memories and joys and heartaches. And I want to be able to smile in the loss of those moments. I want to be able to breathe those moments in...and really live.

Not just check things off my list (which I'm obsessive about).
Not just "get through" until bedtime.
Not just waiting out this busy week.
Not just "making do" until something better comes along.


With people I love. And places I love to be. And smells and memories and melodies and pure JOY in the midst of it all.

Because life is chaotic. But it sure is beautiful...and gone in a few puffs of wind...

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