Thursday, May 16, 2013

Momma Mia...

Though this is FOUR days late (for good reason - a story for another day), I want to give credit where credit is due. If you know my Marmi, then you know why I think so highly of her. She's amazing. Hands down. She gives and gives and gives and gives and gives of herself...and then she wakes up and does it all over again.

Few days go by without hearing her voice, and even if it's a 2 minute re-cap of my day amidst a screaming toddler and a rowdy boy, it's still 2 minutes where she's all mine.

I could write blog after blog about her, but instead, I'll keep it simple: I want to be like her when I grow up.

She plays with her grandkids (really  plays...not just enjoys them). She keeps up with all of her kids (and some of our friends). She may even be a saint in my book for having four under the age of 5 back in the day. She serves people by day as she's loving them into the Kingdom. She has this resilient spirit, but mostly she just brightens a room as she walks in it. She never stops. Ever.

This week, though, my sister & I exchanged a glance and a few tears as we watched our mom go through some of the hardest hours she's known. As great of a mom as she is, she's an even better wife to my Daddy. And really, isn't that part of being a great mom? {Oh, to learn this now!}

Watching helplessly as the love of your life lays hurting in a hospital bed has to be the saddest thing.
And we watched her do it.
And comb his hair.
And pull blankets on and off and on and off.
And advocate for his meds when they weren't coming fast enough.
And kissing him on the forehead every once in a while just to make sure he knew she was there.
And shedding tears in the hallway so he wouldn't see them.

So I'm sitting here thankful for the example of love that she is to me. Not only to my siblings & I, our kids, and really anyone who comes in her path - but also to my dad {who is on the up & up today after an agonizing week}.

And I'm thankful for these two. Who both surprised me and changed me by calling me by a new name: Momma.

How could I ask for more?


  1. Great stuff. You makin me cry!

  2. Makes my heart so happy

  3. Agree 100% Joslyn. She is a treasure.

  4. Beautiful and true words! You can see and feel love from her whenever you are near. No matter matter what. The love she and your dad have is apparent when you see them in the same room. What a wonderful example of modeling how to be a great mate! Most of all....I think you see how full her heart is for her love of God. She is an amazing person..someone I am glad we have as our pastor's wife, and my friend!