Sunday, April 22, 2012

Show 'N Tell: Craftiness

So...although I'm not sure (the ambiguous) YOU have not necessarily missed me, I have certainly missed writing! And posting! And annoying and bombarding you with my thoughts.

So much going on. So much. Won't even go there.

I have crafted for the first time since SweetPea Ruby came along! I (embarrassingly) admit that this is a birthday gift for my bestie (July 4) FROM 2011. Each year, I usually give her her bday gift around Christmas. This time it's actually closer to her bday...(boo for me being a bad friend). Thankfully, she is wonderfully gracious and patient.

The idea came from here. Love it. One of my favorite blogs out there. Then I added the twine & clips from another blog, which of course I can't find now. (boo)

After much adieu:

Look what else I made for her boys!! Who's walls don't need our names on them?

Now to work on some for my OWN kiddos...

Psst! Lookie! I made one for me while I was at it! We (Mister & I) liked the zigzag effect, but who knows if I'll go back to the original plan by the time it gets up! Yay!

Be blessed!

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