Monday, September 27, 2010

The Joys of Parenting - Part 2

Part 2 in my ramblings of being an insta-mom. He continues to make me smile, giggle, and love immensely every day. In addition, there are other emotions...I don't necessarily have to go into that with those of you who are parents, but man, that kid can push my buttons!

Knowing him...really knowing him
- When we first got Dillon, it was embarrassing to go to McDonald's and not know what my kid wanted on his cheeseburger (or the fact that he didn't like cheese on his cheeseburger even though that's what he told me he wanted!). There were many-a-fits in different food establishments for that very reason. These are things you don't think about when you go from being a wife/teacher to a wife/MOMMA in a matter of instants. What do they like on their pizza? Will they eat mashed potatoes (mine won't)? What do you have to call macaroni and cheese to get him to eat it (cheesy mac)? Will he eat fresh veggies (YES! Even though Daddy won't!)? It is such a blessing now to go get a burger @ McD's! He wants a cheeseburger with ketchup and pickles...that's it! Simple! He likes almost anything on his pizza, but doesn't care to make it homemade. He loves cheesy mac, and always corrects you when you call it mac & cheese. He won't eat mashed potatoes, but he WILL eat potato cakes the next day cut into strips and dipped in ketchup (which we're having tonight).

Curiosity that killed the cat will not kill me yet - It won't, people! I won't let it! Instead, I will continue to answer every question until he is satisfied and smarter than I am! Where chocolate come from (cocoa - a plant/tree in the southern hemisphere tropics)? How cows get those spots (different breeds)? Where pepper come from (also a plant that grows in the ground called peppercorn that is ground up)? What time is it? (He asks this multiple times a day, and repeats what you say, but has NO idea what it means (and won't until he's 6 or 7)) You check on me? (Every night/nap he wants to make sure I will come and check on him...) When Daddy gon be home? Why Daddy gotta work? (This question is...I don't know...3-5 times every day Daddy has to work. And now, I just say "Dillon, why does Daddy gotta work?" and he tells me he knows...he just misses him and wants to be reassured.) What we doin after we wake up? (EVERY DAY)...The kid's a planner, and I didn't even teach him to be! :-)

Rocket ships, new stories, and a love for Jesus
- Each night we read a new Bible story from our Toddler Bible. It's so neat. So age appropriate. And he loves it and has lots of questions. I'm so thankful he loves this! It was one of my fears...him not being from a Christian home/foster home, and being very active in church. He loves it! He often randomly shouts throughout the day "I love Jesus!" He also asks if he can take a rocket ship up to heaven to see God and give him a hug...(and everyone says "awwwww") Truth is, I kinda wish I could take a rocket ship up there...everyone needs a good God hug now and again. Thankfully, we have his presence with us all the time for that...but still...

Outside Time - This is the most frustrating part of most days in our house. I like him to spend 20 minutes outside mid-morning. It's when I empty the dishwasher and put a new load of laundry in. I go and check on him, and he's pouting or sitting on the step. We have a HUGE yard...why is he pouting? Why does he dread going out there? He has a 30 gallon tub of things to do out there...balls, bats, golf clubs, frisbees, not to mention a 65 lb dog that likes to run. What's the dealio? Note to self - he loves to go play outside if I'm watching. So lately, it's Momma's book time (I sit on a lawn chair, interact with him a little, encourage him, and read my book for 20 minutes. Then sometimes we play together for a while. Discovery: he doesn't want to play alone. Though I think there's something a little wrong with that, a piece of me will just enjoy it while it lasts, knowing that he won't always want me around.

Intuition - Sometimes I think he might be the best friend I have (besides Aaron, of course). He just...knows when I need a hug or an encouraging word. He seems to sense my moods. Sometimes he pushes my buttons (ok - he does that a lot), but if I'm having a rough day or don't feel well, it seems like he's fully able to control himself for those moments that I need him to. He doesn't probe me, he there. And he keeps himself busy in those moments, or he sits with me and looks out the window. Or he cuddles with me or rubs my face...I mean, really...I fall in love with him in new ways every day.

This isn't the last of my ramblings of being a momma, but as I'm reflecting today, it sure is a blessing to be one. 170 days ago, I knew nothing of these things...God is so good to give Dillon to us when He did. I can't wait til we can change his name and have him ours for good.

Until next time...

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